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EUROECHO & other Imaging Modalities 2012 > Exhibition


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by Exhibition
 23/11/2012 16:17

 Deadlines at a glance

31 May: Stand Space Application Form Deadline

26 September: Send Company & Product Description form

10 October: Badge Lead Management Deadline

24 October: Stand Design Deadline

31 October: Declare Giveaway and Stand Activity

1 November: Stand Service Deadline

(from this date orders will still be possible with extra charge)

7 November: Order Free Exhibitor Badges


 ESC Items

Company and Product Description Form.pdfCompany and Product Description Form
EuroEcho 2012 Exhibition Floor Plan 18.11.2012.pdfEuroEcho 2012 Exhibition Floor Plan 18.11.2012
EUROECHO 2012 Exhibitor Badges Order Form.xlsEUROECHO 2012 Exhibitor Badges Order Form
Euroecho 2012 Update Message.pdfEuroecho 2012 Update Message
Lead Management Real Time Info Offer 2012.pdfLead Management Real Time Info Offer 2012
Parking information.pdfParking information
Stand Activity Form.pdfStand Activity Form
Stand Space Application Form.pdfStand Space Application Form
Association or Working group Meeting Picture

 Stand Services Download Area

Fairexx Tariff list.pdfFairexx Tariff list
Furniture Order Form.docFurniture Order Form
Fairexx Timeslot Request form.pdfFairexx Timeslot Request form
Fairexx Manual.pdfFairexx Manual
Catering Order Form.pdfCatering Order Form

 Badge Readers

 Badge Reader Library

key4lead_EuroEcho 2012.pdfkey4lead_EuroEcho 2012Exhibition
key4lead Advanced_EuroEcho 2012.pdfkey4lead Advanced_EuroEcho 2012Exhibition