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Industry Forum 2018

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 Industry Forum 2018 - Agenda

 Industry Forum 2018 - Day 1 & 2


Day 1 Day 2

 Welcome and introduction - Aoife Delmas, ESC Industry Director

 Who are we talking to and What are we saying - Steve Lang, ESC Marketing Team Manager

 Congress Technology improving Delegates experience - Ghislain Daval, ESC Projects & Systems Director

 Content Depth and Breadth - Christine Gouillard, ESC Scientific Prog. & Content Initiatives Team Manager

 Visitor Experience and Innovation - Nata Nambatingué, ESC Congress & Event Operations Team Manager

 Mood and Settings - Jonny Round, The Sound Agency

 Exhibition Taskforce survey results - Aoife Delmas, ESC Industry Director

 Workshops - Exhibition Taskforce main priorities


 General update - Aoife Delmas, ESC Industry Director

 Digital Health @ESC - Prof. Martin R. Cowie & Turo Laitinen, ESC Account Manager

 How ESC communicates with industry partners - Alexander Craik, ESC Product Development Officer

 Workshops - How to improve ? main priorities

 Industry Forum 2018 - Minutes & Action Points


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